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The Huntington Beach Bocce Club was established in August 2019 to (1) promote the game of bocce for players of all nationalities, ages, and abilities and (2) to provide a social, friendly atmosphere within the Club and Community.

Come join the Huntington Beach Bocce Club members in a few games of Bocce Ball.  No experience or equipment necessary to play.  Please ask any member how to play and you will begin to learn the game of Bocce Ball.

The Huntington Beach Bocce Club is a State of California unincorporated non-profit association

(Registration No. 16809) and Federal non-profit organization (EIN No. 84-3340512). 



- Learn, teach and promote the game of bocce

- Conduct instructional lessons and clinics for new players

- Friendly game play

- Conduct monthly Club round-robin tournaments

- Conduct a Club league of teams

- Form tournament teams to play other bocce clubs

- Conduct Southern California Bocce Association tournaments in Surf City, USA

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